Cattle Show

Lo-Fi Stop motion animation


2021/3 Now on Twitter: @catnapgames3000. You're welcome.

2018/2 All our films have been converted to MP4 format and should be easily playable in any modern browser. Enjoy!

2007/1 cz Na místním infoserveru Říč vyšel krátkej rozhovor s Cattle Show. Čekidaut: Jsou mladí a točí filmy: Cattle Show.

2007/1 Check out Devastro, a new game from Catnap Games. It was just released! Buy it! The entire Cattle Show crew has participated and successfuly brought the Cattle Show flavor into gaming.

2006/2 Couple of days ago Cattle Show accompanied Ememvoodoopöká and OTK with a modest VJ show comprised of footage from old flying saucer/robot/monster/laser/sci-fi movies. Some pictures here. Hooray!

2006/2 On March 31st Torta Grande will be featured at the Full Frame Festival 2006 in Vienna. Click the image for more de info. Full Frame Festival 2006 Flyer

2006/2 cz Prvního března bude v paláci Akropolis koncert OTK a Ememvoodoopöká a k tomu bude Cattle Show dělat VJ promítání. Budou tam lítající talíře, lasery, roboti, světýlka, knoflíky, páčky, výbuchy, vesmíry, prostě všechno co je sci-fi. Celý se to bude jmenovat "Silver Rocket vs. Flying Saucers". Podrobnosti jsou na webu Silver Rocket.

2005/10 cz Kdybyste chtěli vidět Torta Grande na velkým plátně s mega zvukem, stačí zajít 28. října do Kina Aero.

2005/10 cz 8. října bylo premiérový promítání Torta Grande v klubu Metropolis.

2005/10 Torta Grande is being released on Surreal Madrid as their first video release "SM005". Thanks guys!

2005/9 Torta Grande is now playing.

2005/9 If you want a free DVD, just ask.

2005/8 Torta Grande is done! Our next movie is going to be about the Battle of Marathon and will be called "Marathon Massacre".
Torta Grande

2005/8 Woohoo, it's coming soon! And it will be longer than yours! Look!! Timeline Yes, shooting and editing are almost done. Now let's go make some noise! And find a name for it…

2005/7 Surreal Madrid is online!

2004/12 Thanks to Alper aka Radiognome from Greece for hosting our downloads.

2004/11 New stuff at There's a new project contributed by Cattle Show which is called Metal Name Generator. And guess what… it generates names! Of death metal bands! Comes with pretty pictures that you can use as wallpaper on your PCs and Macs. And for the faint of heart there's still Band Name Exchange.

2004/10 Short film competition. Out of 70 entries, our Astro! placed 10th. Hooray!

2004/9 Cattle Bros. are at it again! We have begun working on a new film. A follow-up to one of our previous works, this short yet thrilling piece will tell a thrilling story of a man (?) who struggles with destiny to find a better place to live… blah blah blah.